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Curt Class 3 Trailer Hitch #13707

US$ 135.96

Quick Overview

Class 3 Trailer Hitch
Includes all necessary installation hardware


The CURT class 3 trailer hitch is the most common type of trailer hitch installed on full-size pickup trucks and SUVs. It is also found on full-size cars, crossover SUVs, minivans and mid-size trucks. That is because the class 3 packs the punch of a heavyweight hitch while still staying light on its feet. This CURT class 3 hitch offers a gross trailer weight capacity of 4,000 lbs. and a comparable tongue weight capacity of 400 lbs. It is designed to be a custom-fit trailer hitch for certain years of the Ford Crown Victoria (LTD) sedan, Ford Country Squire, Mercury Grand Marquis sedan, Mercury Marauder, Lincoln Mark VI or Lincoln Town Car (to verify your vehicle compatibility, see the CURT application guide at curtmfg.com). It features a square tube frame and comes with all necessary hardware for a complete installation. The 2" x 2" receiver tube opening of this class 3 hitch is able to accept a hitch-mounted accessory, such as a bike rack or cargo carrier, or a ball mount to tow most standard size trailers, including utility trailers, single-horse livestock trailers, boat trailers and large campers. One special feature about the class 3 that is not found in classes 1 or 2 is its compatibility with a weight distribution hitch. When used in combination with a WD hitch, this class 3's gross trailer weight capacity increases to 6,000 lbs. and the tongue weight capacity to 600 lbs. (NOTE: Never exceed the lowest weight capacity of any towing component). CURT class 3 trailer hitches are engineered to be strong and capable, having a quality steel frame and a solid finish. They are put through strenuous testing before being deemed ready for market and come with two coatings -- a liquid Aquence coating and a powder coat in high-gloss black -- that cure together to form a strong resistance against rust, scratching, UV damage and other wear. Our hitches are our pride, and as such, we back them up with a limited lifetime warranty and a one-year finish warranty.

  • Made with a vehicle-specific design for a custom fit
  • Tested for safety in accordance with SAE J684
  • Precisely welded for superior strength and fit
  • Protected by a durable high-gloss black powder coat finish
  • Co-cured in a rust-resistant liquid Aquence coating
  • Strengthened with a forged, welded, seamless collar
  • Equipped with an open-back receiver for easy cleaning
  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty
  • Made in USA

Additional Information

Weight 60.00 LB
  • Trailer hitch weight ratings are limited to vehicle manufacturer's stated capacities.
  • Includes installation hardware
UPC 612314137077
Receiver Tube Size 2 IN
Weight Carrying Capacity(WC) 4000 LB
Tongue Weight(TW) 400 LB
Weight Distribution(WD) 6000 LB
Weight Distribution Tongue Weight(WDTW) 600 LB

The Following Vehicles Match this Product

Year Make Model Style
1979 Ford Crown Victoria (LTD) Sedan
1980 Ford Crown Victoria (LTD) Sedan
1981 Ford Crown Victoria (LTD) Sedan
1982 Ford Crown Victoria (LTD) Sedan
1983 Ford Crown Victoria (LTD) Sedan
1984 Ford Crown Victoria (LTD) Sedan
1985 Ford Crown Victoria (LTD) Sedan
1986 Ford Crown Victoria (LTD) Sedan
1987 Ford Country Squire (LTD) Wagon
1987 Ford Crown Victoria (LTD) Sedan
1988 Ford Country Squire (LTD) Wagon
1988 Ford Crown Victoria (LTD) Sedan
1989 Ford Country Squire (LTD) Wagon
1989 Ford Crown Victoria (LTD) Sedan
1990 Ford Country Squire (LTD) Wagon
1990 Ford Crown Victoria (LTD) Sedan
1991 Ford Country Squire (LTD) Wagon
1991 Ford Crown Victoria (LTD) Sedan
1992 Ford Crown Victoria (LTD) Sedan
1993 Ford Crown Victoria (LTD) Sedan
1994 Ford Crown Victoria (LTD) Sedan
1995 Ford Crown Victoria (LTD) Sedan
1996 Ford Crown Victoria (LTD) Sedan
1997 Ford Crown Victoria (LTD) Sedan
1998 Ford Crown Victoria (LTD) Sedan
1999 Ford Crown Victoria (LTD) Sedan
2000 Ford Crown Victoria (LTD) Sedan
2001 Ford Crown Victoria (LTD) Sedan
2002 Ford Crown Victoria (LTD) Sedan
2003 Ford Crown Victoria (LTD) Sedan
2004 Ford Crown Victoria (LTD) Sedan
2005 Ford Crown Victoria (LTD) Sedan
2006 Ford Crown Victoria (LTD) Sedan
2007 Ford Crown Victoria (LTD) Sedan
2008 Ford Crown Victoria (LTD) Sedan
2009 Ford Crown Victoria (LTD) Sedan
2010 Ford Crown Victoria (LTD) Sedan
2011 Ford Crown Victoria (LTD) Sedan
1980 Lincoln Mark VI All
1980 Lincoln Town Car All
1981 Lincoln Mark VI All
1981 Lincoln Town Car All
1982 Lincoln Mark VI All
1982 Lincoln Town Car All
1983 Lincoln Mark VI All
1983 Lincoln Town Car All
1984 Lincoln Town Car All
1985 Lincoln Town Car All
1986 Lincoln Town Car All
1987 Lincoln Town Car All
1988 Lincoln Town Car All
1989 Lincoln Town Car All
1990 Lincoln Town Car All
1991 Lincoln Town Car All
1992 Lincoln Town Car All
1993 Lincoln Town Car All
1994 Lincoln Town Car All
1995 Lincoln Town Car All
1996 Lincoln Town Car All
1997 Lincoln Town Car All
1998 Lincoln Town Car All
1999 Lincoln Town Car All
2000 Lincoln Town Car All
2001 Lincoln Town Car All
2002 Lincoln Town Car All
2003 Lincoln Town Car All
2004 Lincoln Town Car All
2005 Lincoln Town Car All
2006 Lincoln Town Car All
2007 Lincoln Town Car All
2008 Lincoln Town Car All
2009 Lincoln Town Car All
2010 Lincoln Town Car All
2011 Lincoln Town Car All
1979 Mercury Grand Marquis Wagon
1980 Mercury Grand Marquis Wagon
1981 Mercury Grand Marquis Wagon
1982 Mercury Grand Marquis Wagon
1983 Mercury Grand Marquis Sedan
1984 Mercury Grand Marquis Sedan
1985 Mercury Grand Marquis Sedan
1986 Mercury Grand Marquis Sedan
1987 Mercury Grand Marquis Sedan
1988 Mercury Grand Marquis Sedan
1989 Mercury Grand Marquis Sedan
1990 Mercury Grand Marquis Sedan
1991 Mercury Grand Marquis Sedan
1992 Mercury Grand Marquis Sedan
1993 Mercury Grand Marquis Sedan
1994 Mercury Grand Marquis Sedan
1995 Mercury Grand Marquis Sedan
1996 Mercury Grand Marquis Sedan
1997 Mercury Grand Marquis Sedan
1998 Mercury Grand Marquis Sedan
1999 Mercury Grand Marquis Sedan
2000 Mercury Grand Marquis Sedan
2001 Mercury Grand Marquis Sedan
2002 Mercury Grand Marquis Sedan
2003 Mercury Grand Marquis Sedan
2003 Mercury Marauder All
2004 Mercury Grand Marquis Sedan
2004 Mercury Marauder All
2005 Mercury Grand Marquis Sedan
2006 Mercury Grand Marquis Sedan
2007 Mercury Grand Marquis Sedan
2008 Mercury Grand Marquis Sedan
2009 Mercury Grand Marquis Sedan

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